Mrs. Teresa Dresku

January 01, 2020

Austin, Texas

Elementary Teacher - 20 Years Tenure (Multiple Grades)

"Teaching is the greatest act of optimism."

The Backstory

Love, cherish, and celebrate the people who make life special

2 Decades of Shaping the World

We dedicate this page to the wonderful, loving, kind-spirited educator, Mrs. Dresku. Through the years, you've shaped our children lives, dedicated hours of service, and opened the door for many young students of Austin, Texas. We've collected stories and memories from not only this year's students, but from some students form the past. We all love you. 

Love, the grateful parents of your '19-'20 2nd grade class.


Images of the most memorable moments

A Blast from the Past



Joe, Aniya, and Stephanie working hard on their chromebooks. (courtesy of Ms. Aguillar)


A few students 10 years ago when you taught kinder (courtesy of Jan Miller)


Peter insisted on reading the dictionary during recess, and now he's going to school to become an engineer! (courtesy of Peter himself)


Stephanie, 4th grade class of 2014 (courtesy of Rakella Thomas)


Sometime in your first decade of teaching - always prepared and ready (courtesy of Liz Lampkin)


2005/2006 when you won Teacher of the Year (courtesy of Principal Jonstein)


The memories, milestones, and little moments in between

Why I love Ms. Dresu

Why I love Ms. Dresu

From Tyler

Ms. Dresku is the best teacher ever, and she gives great hugs. I really like her because she lets us read in the cozy library when we finish our work.

She's so cool.

She's so cool.

From Caitlin

She’s so cool and I like her because she helped me learn my fractions better and how to write long sentences. We also talk a lot during carpet time and I like that she listens to our weekend stories.

Thank you for everything!

Thank you for everything!

From Madelyn (student in 2003)

Hello Mrs. Dresku. I hope you are enjoying your life and still singing the morning song to your students. Its amazing to know you are Teacher of the Year the same year you're teaching my little sister, Caitlin.


My favorite memories from elementary school were in your class - from phonics to photosynthesis, you always came prepared and energized to teach. Imn fact, I felt your love for teaching so much that I'm pursuing a teaching degree at Texas State University! GO BOBCATS! 


Keep us the amazing work. You are an inspiration to us all. 



Madelyn, the girl with 200+ bows. 

Years and Years with Our Little Ones

Years and Years with Our Little Ones

From The Welsh-Thompson Family

"Mrs. Deresku is so great and she always makes sure to give us a high five when we do something good. Plus we have the same birthday." - from Jax..

Words cannot describe how blessed we are to have you as our familly's teacher. At this point, you've taught Alenna, Jax, Josephine, and Ashtyn. We can say with confidence that you are the sweetest, most generous, loving teacher on the planet. Not only do our children adore you, they grow and learn so much while in your class. They all say hello and that they love seeing you in the hallways.. 

P.S. Get ready for Charolotte next year! She's a firecracker. 

Learning More and More

Learning More and More

From Rosie

I liked being in Mrs. Dresku’s class this year because she taught us many things. We learned about math stuff, different science words, and we also performed in a play for the school. It was really fun because we didn’t do that in first grade.

Ready for 3rd Grade

Ready for 3rd Grade

From Claudia

Well, Mrs. Davis always helps us when we are in class, and she helps us learn more things. That’s important because we need to get smarter for third grade.

She's Generous

She's Generous

From Felicity

I love her because she let me use her pencil sharpener whenever I would write too much. And she also was fair about earning Dojo points.

Really, Really Nice

Really, Really Nice

From Josiah

Ms. Dresku is really nice and she is always smiling. She is the nicest teacher in the school and she is very friendly to everyone.

2 Decades Later

2 Decades Later

From Elvin (student from 2000)

Hey Mrs. Dresku, 

When I found out you were still teaching, and that you were going to be my little brother's teacher, I almost cried. I am so glad that you're still shaping the world. You really made me love learning, and it was always a great day in your class. I still remember what we said during carpet time, too. "Make it a great day or not. The choice is yours." That has really stuck with me. 

I graduated in December with a Bachelor of Business Administration, and I got a job with a local non-profit. Because of you, I've never stopped  learning. You've been an inspiration. 

Can't wait to pop-up at Elm Grove Elementary during fun-Friday! 

Thanks for your dedication. 

Elvin, Josiah's big brother. 

100 Days of Learning

100 Days of Learning

From Pratt

I really liked when Mrs. Dresku let us dress up for the 100th day of school because it was funny. And some of my friends had glasses on all day long so it was funny. And I like to be funny.


The little moments that matter

First Year of Teaching at Elm Cove Elementary, 1st grade!

Date: Aug 15, 2000

New Year, New Grade! 3rd Grade Teacher at Elm Cove Elementary!

Date: Aug 18, 2003

Relocated to Parkside Elementary, 2nd Grade!

Date: Aug 21, 2006

2nd Grade Team Lead at Parkside!

Date: Nov 3, 2010

4th Grade? Bring it on! Parkside Elementary 4th Grade Teacher

Date: Aug 1, 2012

Teacher of the Year at Parkside Elementary (go Mrs. Dresku!)

Date: Aug 19, 2013

4th Grade teacher of the Year for the entire Clifton School District!

Date: Sep 12, 2014

Successful Teaching Abroad Youth (Argentina, Primary School)

Date: Aug 10, 2016 - May 25, 2018

Returned to the U.S. Classroom - Elm Cove Elementary, 4th Grade (current)

Date: Aug 20, 2018


The songs that matter most