Joseph and Jannet Robbinson

March 3, 2020

New Branfels, Texas

40th Anniversary of Love

"True love is when both people think they have the better half of the deal."

The Love Story

A love story worth remembering

The love story

Mom and dad, we love you and wish you both many more years of love. We cannot thank you enough for raising us and teaching us how to navigate this complex world with humility, kindness, and spunk. Thank you to the moon and back.


Love, your three children, and the rest of the fam.


Images of the memorable moments




Nathan, Michelle, Melodie, Madelyn and Ashlyn ,and Jensen.


Some old pics


A few year ago. Mama's last New Years party. What a blast.


Christine and friends at Prom.. '03.


Middle child, Christine and her twins Adrian and Anthony... Around 4 years old.


Christine's firecracker, Nora Lee. Always roaming into new adventures.


Back in the day. High School Prom.


When Nathan and wife Michelle bought their first house.


Mom and Dad with Milly and Rowan.


One of my favorites of your parents.


Nathan and his twins, Madelyn and Ashlyn, plus cousin Cash. Sometime around 2009.


Adrian and Anthony on their first trip abroad. 3 years old and loving life.


Remember when we had our first baby?


Jason and Jennifer and their three kids. Baby Milly, Cash and Rowan.


Madelyn and Ashlyn, Easter 2010


Rowan and Cash during Milly's birthday party.. 2018


These two are attached at the hip. Rowan and Cash during summer vacation in Florida.


May be the only photo of all of us together.. Last years summer trip to Palo Alto.


first grandchild from Nathan and Michelle.. Melodie.


Our teenage grandkids, Melodie, Adrian and Anthony, and Cash. All off to College within the next few years.


Nathan and Cash, all grown up


A young stud. Me and my best friends, Lawrence and Albert.


Adrian, Anthony and Cash at Confirmation..


Madelyn and Ashlyn and Jensen.. Growing up.


Remember when we had teenagers? Phew time flies.


Melody and cousins Adrian and Anthony. Cheese!







Voice Record

Voices and Audio

Little Ansley June, our first granddaughter
The Voice of Nathan, our first grandson
Cheerleading Days in '86


Stories of the lovebirds

Grandma Jean and Grandchildren, Nora and Rowan

Grandma Jean and Grandchildren, Nora and Rowan

We are blessed.


It's amazing to think that my Grandma Jean had a chance to meet so many of our wonderful children. Grandma Jean has been a glue stick, a listening ear, and much more for not only me but for our three children, too. I'll never forget the day she arranged transport for her and Grandpa Tony to get to the hospital for Adrian and Anthony's birth. I still remember her yelling down the hall at Grace Seton Labor and Delivery hall, "Don't have those babes without me!" 

She taught all of our children how to pick the BEST peaches, taught Adrian and Anthony how to correctly bargain at the farmers market, and taught Nora how to find out if a candle is a sparkler or trick candle. She's been an amazing blessing in our family's life, but she was your mother first. And she's created the wonderful, strong, loving, strong father.

Grandma Jean birthed dad and raised a wonderful son, husband, and father. And for that, we are forever grateful.

Cheers to her, and cheers to you, dad. 

Love, Christine (and Jackson)

Generation after Generation

Generation after Generation

Tradition of Twins

Grandpa Joseph, 

As we reminisce on the wonderful lessons you've taught us, we can't help but think back to this photo and the story behind it. It was sometime around 10 years ago when we all surprised you for the 30th-anniversary send-off to Hawaii. 

The conversation was about how you found your favorite person in the entire world, and how you were always jealous that Grandpa Tony always has Teddy to keep him company. You mentioned the bonds you and Grandma Jannet shared, and that you remember the day you all had a chance to finish each others sentences, and how joked about having telepathy. 

We hope we earn a love as great as y'alls. We hope you and Grandma Jannet both continue to love and admiration and connection. We see the results dedication and we will 

Fingers crossed that we enjoy have the love you both share. 

Love, your grandchildren Madelyn and Ashlyn.

p.s. pinky promise you'll visit us at University of San Diego? 

Like mother, like daughter

Like mother, like daughter

Your two favorite women on earth


If I could write about my favorite memories with you, I would spend eternity writing. You've always been suck a rockstar, a honorable homework helper, go-to guru, and a and a jane-of-all-trades. When I needed help wth my prom dress, you were there. When I freaked out about my college applications not being shipped to the correct location, you calmed me. When I needed to suddenly cook 8 dozens of bake-sale cookies, you showed up bright eyed and bushy tailed. 

The list could continue on and on. 

I wish Jackson and I have half the love, patience, energy, and dedication that you and dad have. You've shown me, your grateful daughter, that true love exists forever. 

Congratulations on 40 years of love. 

Love, Christine 

Lots of grandchildren, lots of movie nights

Lots of grandchildren, lots of movie nights

Our 1st Friday Tradition

Grandma and Grandpa, 

We love you! Thank you for being so nice and letting us play on the ipad when we have movie night. - Rowan 

Happy love day, grandpa and grandma! - Nora 

I love you papa and mama. - Milly 

(on behalf of the youngest grandchildren, we love you and we wish you both many years of love and happiness!) 

Love, your grandchildren Rowan, Nora , and Milly

Home is where the heart is

Home is where the heart is

The greatest gift

Mom and Dad, 

You both have shown such amazing displays of love, kindness, and dedication throughout our lives. Being the youngest (by a few years I might add, thanks!), I've gotten probably the best part of childhood. You both figured out many things before I arrived - which restaurants accommodated mac-n-cheese with infused meatballs, how early to start back-to-school bedtime routines, how to successfully road trip, and the inevitable solution to "but Christine/Nathan doesnt have to." 

After I reached adulthood, I realized the difficulties you both faced. I am the man, husband, and father I am today because I had such loving parents to guide my standards. Because of your love, we have hope. 

We wish you many more decades of laughter and connection. 

Love, Jason (and Jennifer) 

p.s. Not sure if y'all remember this pic from grandmas house when we stayed up all night telling stories and making forts. 

Family Reunions

Family Reunions

We always find our way back together

Mom and Dad, 

I cannot express my appreciation and admiration for you both reaching 40 years of marriage. 

You love deeply, appologize often, and smile 10x more than anyone I know. Cheers to you both!

As I think about the dedication of 40 years, I think back to the time when I first brought Michelle home to meet you both, and you guys jokingly said "make sure she likes barbecue and big families." Almost 2 decades later and we've never missed a family reunion (and we still love barbeque!). Truly, we model our parenting decisions after you both. We try and teach Melodie, Madelyn, Ashlyn and Jesen the importance of manners, love, and kindnesss just as you both taught us. Now that we live in a house of 3 teens and a pre-teen, I can confidently say you guys made it look so easy! I couldn't be more thankful for the parents I was blessed with.. 

We wish you the best love and the best barbeque. 

Love, your eldest son, Nathan (and Michelle)


The meaningful moments

Met in Richardson, Pennsylvania through mutual friends.

Date: Feb 14, 1983

Celebrating 10 years of marriage! Couples retreat in Palo Alto, California.

Date: Mar 3, 1990

Wedding at HolyHedge Estate. Honeymoon to Niagra Falls, Toronto, and Ottawa.

Date: Sep 3, 1988

Finally moved out of the small basement apartment AND expecting first baby.

Date: Mar 1, 1991

Celebrating 20 years of marriage! Vow renewal and backyard barbecue.

Date: Mar 3, 2000

First grandchild, Melodie

Date: May 30, 2002

Celebrating 30 years of marriage! Trip to Hawaii - Aloha!

Date: Mar 3, 2010

Celebrating 40 years of marriage. 1 week vacation to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

Date: Mar 3, 2020


The soundtrack of two lovebirds