The Bride and Groom

The story behind the ring

Cheers to the Happy Couple

Ellie and Vincent, 

As you embark upon a new, beautiful journey in life, a few of us wanted to give you something you could keep forever. You deserve endless gifts and praise for the love you boh show each other. You both are role models, two bright souls, and Ellie, you're an awesome Entrepreneur! You both are changing the world through your kindness and generosity, and we are forever grateful for your presence in our lives. 

All of the Coleman's wish you a long and happy marriage. Cheers to you both! 


The Spence's and Coleman Families


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The unforgettable events before "I do"

I finally got the courage to ask you to our first date. I believe the place is still running - Jodie's Ice Cream on Lamar and 5th.

Date: Nov 1, 2009

First apartment together. Junior year and senior year at CSU. Man what an experience (I'll never forgive you for that bedspread).

Date: Sep 1, 2011

Graduation from Colorado State University (Whoop, Whoop!)

Date: Jun 1, 2012

First rental house together! The house on the cut de sac.

Date: Jun 4, 2012

First Fur Baby, Carlos, Adopted from Animal Friends Alliance.

Date: Feb 14, 2013

Wedding at The Barn at Flanagan Farm in Buxton, Maine

Date: Apr 17, 2019

Second Fur Baby, Coco, Adopted from Animal Friends Alliance

Date: Sep 1, 2020


Stories of the couple

I still remember.

I still remember.

From your future husband

I still remember the first day we met at the university library. You were at the opposite end of the study lounge and I couldn’t take my eyes off you. I remember you stayed for quite some time, and then you left. 

I quickly figured out we were in the same Intro to Political Science class and the next class I was determined to show up early find out where you sat and “accidentally” sit next to you. 

It took a few classes and a lot of effort, but I finally did it. The professor started class and the topic escapes me, but I’ll never forget the moment when you looked over and said, “I’m sorry – do you have an extra pencil.” 

After that, we attended the same study groups, went to the games together, and before we knew it, we were inseparable. From that day forward, I knew I wanted to marry you. I was right back then, and I can confirm it still. You make me the happiest man on Earth. 

I’m thankful to Colorado State for bringing us together. I owe them the world for giving me my favorite person on Earth. 

Love you more. 

xo, V. 

Reasons I love you

Reasons I love you

Loving you is easy

There are one million reasons I love you, and so many that I cannot put into words. Here’s a shot. 

I love you because you write messages for my work lunch bag, even when I’m working from home. 

I love you because you never watch This is Us without me.

I love you because show me kindness even when I’m being rash or impatient.

I love you because your smile lights up the entire room. 

I love you because you always stop what you are doing when I come home from a long day to greet me with open arms.

I love you because you believed in me when I wanted to switch my career trajectory. 

I love you because you know when to comfort me with a hug before I tell you that somethings bothering me. 

I love you because you still laugh at the little things. 

I love you because you make me comfortable at karaoke nights. 

I love you because of your patience, kindness, determination, and strength. 

I love you because you let me be little spoon.

I love you because you take care of me when I’m sick.

I love you because found a way to capture great family photos for nana and pawpaw last Christmas. 

I love you because you always keep your promises. 

I love you because you still text me a picture of the outfits you’re tying on when you’re out shopping.

I love you because you give me unsolicited complements and affection. 

I love you because you still ask me to open the jars and carry the heaviest groceries. 

I love you because you have the courage to chase your dreams. 

I love you because you never skip a family game night. 

I love you because you smile just as much on our at-home date nights as you do when we go for dinner and a movie. 

I love you because you are you. 


Love you more. 


xo, your loving husband 

My favorite Sister-n-Law

My favorite Sister-n-Law

From Katie


Words cannot describe how lucky I am to not only have a wonderful sister-n-law, but also a hardcore Greys Anatomy fanatic. I remember the first time me, you, Vincent and Andre hung out. I believe it was bowling and then painting downtown. We quickly realized we both were missnig our Thursday night shows, and we've been besties ever since. 

What I love about you the most is your dedication and committment to your work. You opened up a safe house for homeless and disadvantaged youth WHILE finishing school with honors - what can't you do? Every time I visit, the young kids tell me stries about your generosuty, dedication and patience. You're truly shaping young minds. I know they love you, and I lofe you, too! 

I wish you and my brother a happy and healthy marriage. I cant wait for couples cruises and more #TGIT! Enjoy the calm and remember to laugh about the tough stuff. 

Cheers and congrats! 

Love, Katie 

Best of Luck! Cheers!

Best of Luck! Cheers!

From Mark


Cheers to you my friend. Galad you are joining the family. Vincent needs someone amazing like you and I like to beliee you both are a match made in heaven. Best of luck! Im so glad to have you as my future sister-n-law. 

Love, Mark 

Unexpected trip through Istanbul

Unexpected trip through Istanbul



There are not many words to write about this one. that's because you know exactly what I'm thinking. Long weekend plus bonus time from work plus Valentine plane tickets... Let's just say, no matter how spontaneous we want to be, we should always check the weather on the other side of the world. 

You're the best vacay partner. 

Love, your bestie

Becoming One

Becoming One

From your mother-in-law

Daughter to be!

I am so glad that you are joining our family. We will never forget those long talk at family reunions, where you lost you wedding ring in the pool. We have become so close and I consider you my daughter.

We also can’t forget about the girls trip to North Carolina, where me and Cindy decided to surprise you with the tickets for you and my sons honeymoon. I love your bubbly personality and I’m so glad that God gave us a chance to be family.

I want you to know in our family we watch out for each other. We stick up for each other. We are a team. And no matter what you and my son take on, you know I I will always be there for y’all. I can’t wait for the day my grandchildren are born. Nobody will be prepared for this fun and silly grandma. I just wanted to add that I’m glad you’re now part of this family

To making our family whole,


momma Vicky


I'll Never Forgive You for the Colors, Man

I'll Never Forgive You for the Colors, Man

From your father-in law

Man-to-man I just wanted to talk to you and that you know that I’m so glad my daughter found you. I am totally confident that you will protect my daughter and give her everything she deserves. 

I remember like yesterday when you came up to my doorbell asking to take my daughter on a date. You were so nervous and scared. Back then you were even shy. On the first day we sit down in the living room to have a conversation. And you told me all the good things you do for my daughter. And all the things you were going to do. I was totally confident that she was the lucky one.

I’m excited for the wedding. But I don’t know why you let my daughter pick the colors. I really hate this suit man. I think on the wedding day you will have to look out for me. I am definitely going to be emotional.  After all, my only daughter is getting married and it is no longer up to me to protect her. And I know you can and will do whatever you have to to make sure all of her dreams come true.

Welcome to the family Vincent. 

best wishes, 


To the Lovebirds

To the Lovebirds

From your best friend, Emma

Yay! I’m so glad that this day is here.

My best friend is finally married to her college sweetheart. And I can’t be any happier. I’m so ecstatic that you two have found true love. I know you guys will be together forever. And I can’t wait to experience all the memories to come. I just want you to know that I support y’all. And I can’t wait to be the world's best auntie. When we were little girls we dreamt about our wedding days. And starting a family of her own. I’m so happy to be here on your journey. 

I remember in grad school when you were so certain you would never get married. You said all the guys that went to the University we’re slow and stuck on stupid. We set up in our dorm room making a list of all the guys we would never give a chance to. And it just so happens that you’re now husband was number one on the list. We will forever sit back and laugh about that. I’m so glad you pick someone from the list who is just a little bit smarter and wittier than the rest. 




Prayers Coming True

Prayers Coming True

From your best friend, Tyler

You finally getting hitched, Vincent!

I’m super happy that as your best friend I got to stand beside you on your wedding day and be your best man. I definitely can tell that Angela the one you have been praying for. I know your marriage is going to last forever and a day.

I would like to give you a few words of advice from being in a marriage for thirteen years. Marriage comes with highs and lows, good and bad. But it’s not how you come out on the opposite end. It’s all the little things that got you there. Being able to talk things out and communicate Will be tough in the beginning. 

But I know you and Ellie are troopers and can get through anything.

I am super excited that I was the best man at the wedding of the century. Vincent, you are a lucky man and I’m glad to call you my friend. And I know Ellie is glad to call you her husband.

The best man,



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