Eileen Miller

February 04, 1970

Boise, Idaho

Lover of all things yoga, outdoors, and yellow!

No matter what you're going through, there's a light at the end of the tunnel.

The Backstory

Love, cherish, and celebrate the people who make life special

Another Year - Happy Birthday Eileen!

Eileen, we wanted to create this StorySpot to celebrate you turning 50 (oops 40 ;)! A place to gather all the amazing things about you - what could be better. You have the most special soul, sunshiny attitude, and beautiful energy. May your birthday be a joyful celebration filled with all the things you love. You're one of those uplifting people none of us would ever want to live without! 


Images of the most memorable moments




Our two greatest successes: Isla and Shay - 2019 (submitted by Jim)


A young Isla and Shay in London - 2008


Eileen was the most stunning bride - 1995


Favorite hangout as a child and teen - Redfish Lake, 1982


A young mama Eileen with her babies Isla and Shay - 2003


Eileen, Kristen, and Haven with dad - 1976


I love my baby girl, she is bright as sunshine!! Eileen and her mother - 2000




Eileen and Jim enjoying the beach


Eileen takes Isla on her first hike.


Eileen in her happy place!


Fun beach day to celebrate birthday last year, 2019

Voice Recordings

Recordings from the best memories

Tayna & Ledri
The Miller and Everett families wishing you a Happy Birthday!!
Extended Miller family bday wishes


The memories, milestones, and little moments in between

Happy Birthday My Love

Happy Birthday My Love

Jim's note

My angel wife, you know I am a man of few words. All I have to say is yesterday, today, love for you will always be. Happy birthday dear.


The photo is from 2000, after purchasing our first house - look at those young studs. 

The Core Four

The Core Four

Tiff's story

The core four.

Eileen, I will never forget meeting you freshman year! I couldn't have asked for a better freshman year roommate to study with, get into shenanigans with, party with, and eat endless amounts of pizza. My favorite memory is knocking on our neighbor's door after our parents had left us our freshman year. Who opened the door? Two girls with exactly the same heels on as us, I remember the four of us bursting into laughter as you and Reba were also wearing matching shirts. From then on we were inseparable and the core four was born. How lucky are we to still be friends all these years later? Happy birthday E, we love you!

Our adventure pal for life

Our adventure pal for life

Kristen and Haven's story

To our baby sister: When Tiff, Reba, and Elenor asked us to contribute to your birthday StorySpot, my mind immediately raced to the infamous bird story. One summer day, Eileen, Haven, and I were on one of our classic outdoor adventures. We spotted an injured baby bird on our walk and Eileen cried until I agreed we could take it home and nurse it back to health. After this huge sister battle, I carried it home for her and brought it into our backyard. After setting up it's "hospital" and gathering milk, twigs, and other supplies the bird miraculously recovered and attacked Eileen. She has been scared of birds ever since. 

Love your big sisters!

The best friend ever

The best friend ever

Elenor's story

College, weddings, babies, and everything in between - I know we both got our hubbies, but literally 'til death do us part. You've always been the one who lights up a room and makes everyone turn in awe. The most beautiful person inside and out. This is one of my favorite stories of us...the night of my wedding and you forgot to pack your bridesmaid shoes. You ran out and bought a pair that was two sizes too small and didn't complain once...literally had that smile on your face all night. I can't help, but laugh whenever I see think about it. The BFF of all time. 

Our selfless mama

Our selfless mama

Love: Isla and Shay

Dear mama,

Happiest of birthdays from your two favorite gals! We are so thankful for you and your kind heart. Thank you for not only being the most incredible mother but the best friend we both could ask for. Have the best day ever and hopefully this StorySpot can show a sliver of how genuinely loved and appreciated you are. 


Isla and Shay

Photo: 2005


The little moments that matter

Eileen (Everett) enters the world - the youngest of three sisters.

Date: Feb 4, 1970

Kindergarten - High School Graduation. A star student, student council vice president, Varsity volleyball player, and all-around loved human being.

Date: Aug 1, 1975 - May 31, 1988

Starts freshman year at the University of Redlands, where you met the most amazing group of life-long best friends...the core four.

Date: Aug 1, 1988

Graduate the University of Redlands with a degree in Health and Nutrition.

Date: May 22, 1992

Your first yoga teacher certification course is completed. This is also where you meet fellow student, and future hubby, Jim.

Date: Apr 22, 1993

You marry the love of your life, Jim, in Boulder, Colorado.

Date: Jun 9, 1995

Isla and Shay are born, the most beautiful little blondies. Just like their mama.

Date: Feb 1, 2000 - Apr 15, 2003

You follow your passion and open your own yoga studio back in Idaho, Namaste Yoga.

Date: Sep 15, 2006

Your beautiful self turns the big 5-0!!

Date: Feb 4, 2020


The songs that matter most