Brandon Kopler

April 1, 2020

Los Angelos, California

IT Specialist at Dell

“Technology is best when it brings people together.”

Their Life

The story of life

Our Work Father

After 2 and a half decades with us, we want to thank you for your dedication, hard work, and committment. You've been everywhere from the R&D Department to Manufacturing to IT & Support. Work with you was fun and exciting, and we all love your hilarious family vacation stories. Hopefully now you'll have a chance to spend more time with the people you love. Stop in to say hello every now and again. 

With the help of the HR department, your family, and your work friends, we were able to put together a little keepsake. Cheers! Congrats! Well done! 

You're more value than words can describe. 

-Your family at Dell


Images of the memorable moments

A flash form the past



a young lad off to college - love you bud


holiday party blooper!


employee of the year - sometime around 2008


team meetings were always a blast!


working hard or hardly working?


The memorable moments

From Cubicles to Christmas Parties

From Cubicles to Christmas Parties

From Jack

Thank you so much for the words of wisdom and the extra snacks while you were in the accounting department. I'm sure you probably have lots of favorite departments, but I'm hoping accounting was the best. We sure had a blast with you. 

You always showed up early and stayed late (unless it was Tuesday of the month - date nights with Charlene). You worked harder than many tenured employees and were so open to suggestions and improvement. I still remember the crazy conversation we had at the Christmas Party of '01 when we discussed the similarity of accounting and friendships. What a night! 

I wish you the best and hope you enjoy retirement! If you want to tee up some time, let me know. I can give you the retirement 101 guide. 

Your first cubicle buddie, Jack 

See you around, kid

See you around, kid

From Angie


Its so sad to say goodbye to, so I'll just consider this a farewell. Im sure our paths will cross again at church or at our childrens recital or senior night (can you believe Raylin and Josiah will be HS grads soon?!). 

My favorite memory with you was definitely the thanksgiving potluck, sometime around 2010. We both brought the green bean casserole and decided a faceoff for best casserole was appropriate. Even though the winner was "too close to call", Ill admit that your secret ingredient realy stole the show. Save that recipe for the next generation! 

You've always beeen a relable, trustworthy co-worker and I knew I could count on you when we worked on teams together. Im happ that you're officially taking vacation days, and wish you the best in the future! 

Ta-ta for now~ 

Life and Work Balance

Life and Work Balance

From your 4th floor friends

Teresa: Wishing you all the best in the next phase of your life! Wishing you a satisfying and lengthy retirement.

Craig: We hope you have nothing but happiness in your retirement years. I hope you do NOTHING! 

Dennis: Congratulations to the best desk buddy and bus partner ever! Thanks for the fun times! I know you’re going to miss us a lot but you deserve this retirement more than anyone I know!

Celine: The fun finally begins after retirement! Wishing you happy and healthy days in your retired years. Just because you’re retired doesn’t mean you can’t stop by the office every once and a while for a chat. Don’t be a stranger!

Patricia: Congratulations on reaching your retirement goal. ave a restful but fun and active retirement!

Tammy: Congratulations to the best department head ever! You deserve all the rest and relaxation! 

Deborah: I can’t imagine walking into the office and not seeing your face. Thank you for every single second you’ve spent with our team. It is truly appreciated! 

The Best Mentor a Young Professional Could Ask for

The Best Mentor a Young Professional Could Ask for

From your past interns

Bruce: Congrats on your next phase of life! I'll try and limit my emails about excel to once a week. s you begin a new chapter in your life, I pray that God helps you discover new opportunities and strengths. Congratulations on your retirement!! (2009 Cohort)

William: You are a rockstar and you deserve 100 cruises and vacations. Take it easy. (2010 Cohort)

Barbara: Don't spend too much time on your phone! Kills brain cells. Congrats on this new path! (2008 Cohort)

Douglas: Congrats man! Can't wait to join you on the field! Cheers! Have a restful but fun and active retirement! Best wishes to a friend, a mentor, and a leader. Congratulations on your retirement! (2010 Cohort)

Wayne: You're the best intramural teammate. Gonna miss you, man! Congratulations! May all your dreams and wishes come true! I wish you a happy retirement. (2008 Cohort)

Kathy: Rest easy, Brandon! Happy to know you'll be able to read The Time sand do sudoku as long as you'd like. Congratulations and I'm right behind you. (2011 Cohort)

Walter: Relax and enjoy life to the fullest. I wish you all the best. Congrats. (2008 Cohort)

The Best Dad Ever

The Best Dad Ever

From your favorite mentee and son


You are the most loyal person I know. You spent 31 years devoting your heart and your time to your work while remaining so engaged and present at home with us. I know your job was demanding at times, but you never let that hinder you from coming home with a smile on your face. 

I know retirement has been long-awaited and highly anticipated. I have certainty that countless people will remember your legacy. Thank you for being a model to me of what hard work and dedication look like. I am so proud to call you my dad. I am ecstatic to enjoy all the extra time you now have to spend with me, Blake, and your three grandchildren! We love you and are so proud of you!


Old as Sliced Bread

Old as Sliced Bread

From Carl



You’ve been my go-to guy for 50 years now, how is that possible? We’re not that old, right? Unfortunately, I know the length of our friendship reveals our age more than I’d like. They have been good years, though. It’s been an honor to see you build a life that looks so much like the one we dreamed of as kids. I always made fun of you for working the same job for as long as you did, but truthfully, I respected you more for it. You never disappointment all those fancy guys in suits, but instead provided remarkable work. The thing I’m most happy about is finally taking that fishing trip we’ve been planning for years. Way to go, dude. We’re proud of you.


Spreadsheets and Graphs

Spreadsheets and Graphs

From Paul and Linda



Linda and I love you so much. You have been such a sincere friend and father-figure to me. Thank you for standing in a role that I never had growing up. I know that I am a better man, a more loving husband, and a more gracious father because of what I learned from you. We may be engineers at work, but you taught me more than spreadsheets and graphs. You taught me how to be a man. I hope retirement is everything you've dreamed it would be. I know you're going to love all the time you get to spend with your kids and grandkids. I'm going to miss having you in the office more than you know. I just hope that I can pull off these shoes that feel way too big for me. Love you, man. Thank you. 



The Best Unofficial Teacher

The Best Unofficial Teacher

From Julia Bennett

Mr. Kopler,


Thank you for teaching me how to fish. I love going out on the boat with you, especially when we come home and cook what we caught. Remember when Mrs. Kopler fried the fish and we all sat out on the deck for dinner? That’s my favorite memory. My dad told me that you’re too old to work now. I think you will like not having to dress up for work every day now. Does that mean we can go out on the boat more often? Maybe even in the morning time now? That would be fun, I would like that. 

Happily Committed

Happily Committed

From your Wife



I am so proud of you for the years of hard work and sacrifice you put into this job. You have been incredibly loyal to your coworkers and boss, more than I would ever have the patience for. You have done it with joy and a servant heart that I have loved from the very start. I am in awe to see you retire from the same company that you started working for when we were dating. You have never called it quits, even in the hard days, you remained optimistic and selfless. 


When I married you, I saw integrity in your heart. I knew that you used your heart in whatever you did. I saw you honor others and always remain true to yourself. You’ve never been motivated or driven by money or accolade. Instead, you lead with your heart and leave things better than you find them. I can’t wait to travel to all of the places we’ve dreamed of in the last 40 years. Let’s get to it, baby!

Forever Making Work Better

Forever Making Work Better

From Your Cubicle Club Captain

Yay Brandon! 

I can’t believe it been 14 years. Everyone knows you’re the guy to go-to for the info. Everyone knows that when you’ve been working here so long you find out little tips and tricks of IT. And thankfully you were the guy to go to who is willing to share the latest trends. I really loved working with you.

You always asked how my day was when I looked a little down and you always had a really cool joke to cheer me up when I was stressed. I know that on your adventure of retirement, you will do things that excite you and also try some things that scare you.

You definitely deserve to be remembered here at the firm. So I will be making a mug with your picture on it and placing it in the break room, the 3rd floor, and in people's desk drawers. I'll do thins in honor of you always being available and (coincidently) always the pick-me-up we need. And I will continue to tell others the cool jokes you have shared with me.

Your cubicle club captain, Joshua.


Remember Our Podcast?

Remember Our Podcast?

From Gabe the Babe


I’m so excited that you announced your retirement. Sending out the invites to a retirement party on a postcard of the Bahamas is a great idea. The Bahamas will definitely treat you well. After all, they do say no worries' on the island.  I’m going to miss having you around you’re always a joy to be with.

Do you remember the time when we went on lunch and we’re stuck in that crowded cafeteria and decided to create our own podcast about every day at our job? And we emailed the podcast to the whole team. Everyone hated it, but in hindsight, I realized that idea and innovation was exactly what makes you successful on the job - you're ability to make a tricky situation laughable.  Oh forever enjoy those memories. 

I’m definitely going to miss working on training and development with you. You've taught me so much,  and we've became so close. I hope retirement treats you well and you never forget the good times we shared.

Love, Gabe


I Owe You a Drink

I Owe You a Drink

From the Rookie, Mr. Downey

I can’t believe you’ve been with Dell for over 20 years. I was a rookie walking in the front doors seven years ago. But by then you were already running things.

You weren’t the type of boss I thought you were going to be. Turns out you were actually better than I thought. You’re a real joy to work with easy to talk to you. You made sure all the department heads were prepped, ready, ad competent. Your top priority was the team.

Thinking back to about a year ago when you took the team out for drinks or your favorite bar, you told us that you were thinking about retiring soon. I didn’t know at the time that soon man it would be today.

Though, I’m glad I got to have a boss like you. We all know being in IT is a hard job, but man do you make it look easy. So I hope you get to do the things you need to do in retirement that you never got to do. Cheers to you man! 

Sincerely, Downey 

Your Next Job

Your Next Job

From Jean

Feels like we’ve been friends forever. When we met each other on the playground in third grade, I never thought that I would call you my long time friend. Throughout the years we have built a really strong relationshi and we have been there for each other for every milestone. So your retirement just makes another occasion to celebrate.

Throughout our lives, I have seen you through so many jobs. We have even worked a couple of them together. And now the time has come to hang up the worker hat and trade that in for a beach hat. I hope you live a life of luxury in retirement and soak in new adventures and new stories to tell our grandchildren when they get older.  

A workaholic like you will have a hard time adjusting to the life of retirement. I want you to think about retirement as if it’s your new job. This job requires you to feel amazing. Complete task of being stress-free and make memories worth sharing. Ready, Set, go! 

Love , Jean 


The pieces of the puzzle

Started with the the Company as an MBA Intern.

Date: Aug 1, 1997

10 with Dell!

Date: Apr 1, 2007

20 years with Dell!

Date: Apr 1, 2017


Date: Apr 1, 2020


Every life composes a song or two